Monday, August 02, 2010

monday monday

Thanks to everyone who came to the show, chatted, shopped, watched etc etc. We love you all. The WAzzie bags all went to wonderful new homes and I am sure Kaz will fogive you for lousy pronunciation.....  Ian and my special thanks to all our wonderful workers - Elizabeth, Martine, Eva, Debbie and of course Jaslyn and then Oliver as well who helped us pack up last night. The two vans was a great idea - everything got in okay with room to spare (must have sold a bit of stuff) and we were home and had one unpacked in no time at all. Thought we would go to Cantina but they are closed on Sunday nights - James told us about Blackbird in East Perth - what a great little restaurant - I had Oxtail Ravioli and it was superb.

Up this morning to empty out the vans - mysteriouso inside the still full one. Everything is now indoors or off to the warehouse and I am busy sorting it all out into its rightful spot. Re-ordering and all that stuff comes later.Many tasks first. 
At the top is my paltry effort for the weekend - I stitched a mountain of flowers on the flower stitcher and played on fabrics on the embellisher and then decided to start cutting everything out and weaving it back together again. It might become a book cover I think.

The newsletter should be out tomorrow - I know our wonderful newsletter readers wait for it so they can see what great specials we might have for the month. I am just dreaming them up but they will be good as usual. We had a few really good sell-outs at the show which makes room for some of the new stuff I have coming. I will also start sending out the Product of the Months this week. A lot of people signed up at the show so that will keep me more than busy.

Most best thing of course about the weekend was the rugby game on Saturday night - the All Blacks played superbly - can't wait until the next game in Christchurch next Saturday.
Back to work - we have to get those vans back.....


Heather said...

Life in the House of Rollerson sounds as busy as ever. I'm amazed you found time to make that lovely little woven piece - it will be a super book cover. Glad the show went well and here's to the next one.

Judy said...

Hi! Dale,

Like your weaving of possible book cover, I always love your colour combos, much more adventerous than minew. Glad you had a good time at the show.


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