Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone - we are off to the movies to see Marie Antoinette before we go to our friend Liliana's for New Year's Eve. Ian has to get up at 6am to take Bruce and Kazuko to the airport as they are off to NZ tomorrow - a whole day's flying all ove the country with Virgin Air before they land in Wellington where lucky Ken on his brithday will collect them from the airport around midnight.

I have been busy today working away and Ian has been busy loading stamps onto the web but we did manage to sneak up to The Beaufort Street Merchant for coffee. After all it is a holiday. Ian has a very sore arm and I think it must have carrying that 2 volume christmas present home for me...... Worth it though.

Here is my Waiheke journal - embellisher made - now I have to work on the inside pages.
If you want to see my embellisher cloth, visit my other blog - The Embellishment Machine


Kim said...

The journal cover is wonderful. I'm still trying to figure out what/how/whys regarding the embellisher. I suppose some day I should just go check one out - I like the idea of creating "cloth" - yours certainly look luscious!

Micki said...

Great journal cover! And I like the new blog about the Embellisher and your book.


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