Sunday, December 10, 2006

working away slowly

I have made a bag for my digital camera for when we travel to protect it. I will soon forget how to thread the machine needles soon if I don't get back to my sewing machine. There is something strange about this pic - the cords should go over the other way but never mind. I have made beads by couching down yarns - very easy way to make fabric beads. Now I am making another piece - maybe a sample book cover.

Talking of which - hope you have all visited workshop on the web to see how the books for auction are going. It closes at 12noon and now we have daylight saving I can't remember how many hours we are ahead.

Watched the first half of the last Prime Suspect last night - very good. Helen Mirren is a good actress and I also see that the film about the Queen which was showing in London when we were there but didn't see, is opening in Aust on Boxing Day. Looking forward to that and also Marie Antoinette which was on in London too. Why does it take so long for films to get here?

Ian has loaded most of the monthly specials today (yes I know it is the 10th but we are always late) and he hasn't added it yet but for all orders over $50 I am sending a decent gift of hand or machine threads. (or even both). I am trying to clear some space for new things and things which have nowhere to go. The Zap Cloth and the 25kgs of sequins and a few other things will be here probably before Christmas.

Off to Luigi and Martien's restaurant for a lovely meal. Ian is busy laying bricks. As soon as they take the scaffolding down next door we will be able to bring in a mini skip. If we have one delivered out on the verge you can bet that it will be filled with other peopl'es junk before we get the first wheelbarrow load out.


Kim said...

Nice camera bag, great colors.

Micki said...

Great bag, Dale. The colors are gorgeous.

Penny said...

Dale did you do any sewing on this? and what are your comments on the Janome? I am waiting impatiently for mine to come!

Unknown said...

The Zp Cloth sounds intriguing


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