Saturday, December 09, 2006

saturday pics

this is a sunset on Waiheke Island - not while we were there as it was very windy but taken the day after we left! The people where we stayed told us that it changes every day and while it is happening.

Here is the view from Mudbrick where we went for our anniversary dinner. See what I mean about Tuscany with water? We didn't have that view as it was raining heavily and the doors were closed but last year when we were there we went for lunch and it was so glorious that that is the reason we went back.

Rain didn't last long and it's back to summer again.

Off to the studio to work. I picked up the Xpression yesterday and had a little play so will be working on both machines this weekend. They feel quite different.


Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures Dale. The second one is very stitchy isn't it?

Unknown said...

Great card cases Dale, shame they did not get there in time


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