Friday, December 15, 2006

Waiheke pics

This is one of the many Pohutakawa trees out in flower on Waiheke Island. It's known as the NZ christmas tree - at our last house our neighbour had one in her garden but it didn't ever flower. It is commonly seen in the north - lovely red flowers.

One of the many lots of grapes growing on the island. Very stitching pic. Note one of the many vistas of water in the beyond.

All over Waiheke Island are these chairs. All strategically placed. When I twisted my ankle out on my morning walk I staggered to one and enjoyed just looking out at the water. Then I staggered to the next seat. After that I went down through the bush until I ran out of shore as the tide was still in and I climbed back up through the bush quite lost but knowing I would reach the road sooner or later. I didn't go for another early morning walk again.......

I have frittered away some time loading a counter with countries and flags. Doesn't seem to like my laptop though.


Brenda said...

The pohutukawa flower photos have induced slight homesickness...on the upside, Mum is bringing lots of pohutukawa honey with her when she comes to Oz for Christmas

Ali Honey said...

I am lucky to have several Pohtukawa trees on our property. They flower in sucession so we have their beauty for several weeks. Will show photos next week for Christmas in NZ!


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