Monday, December 11, 2006


Our stained glass window came back from hospital today - all fixed and ready for another 100 years or so. It is all clean as well and what with the door being all painted, it looks a great treat.

Penny - the camera bag yesterday had no stitching on it - just embellished with both machines. Today's little effort the same. I am trying to create things without using stitch although of course the embellishers are a supplement to the sewing machine. Moving onto that soon.

The Janome is different to the Embellisher - it has 5 needles instead of 7 and the needles are set higher - taking me a while to get used to it but Maggie Grey tells me she has broken fewer needles on the Janome. It is also noisier and runs slower - technical details will follow. I think the price makes it highly comparable and like sewing machines one will have one's favourite - both are working very admirably. I have broken needles today on the Babylock - when you whizz around in circles you simply must not pull the fabric - you must release the needles - okay?

Luigi and Martien have arrived an hour earlier so off I go - promise that the newsletter will be ready to go out tomorrow. Just where does each day go?

1 comment:

Helen from Canberra said...


The stained glass window is just beautiful. I love it.

Cheers Helen


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