Wednesday, December 27, 2006


went to a great film last night - The Queen - Helen Mirren is indeed a good actress and it was interesting to see a film portraying people who are still alive. It would be interesting also to know how much of the script was for real. I had actually forgotten the huge impact that Diana's death created and the events of that week. I am used to seeing Helen Mirren as Jane Tennyson in Prime Suspect.

Another film we are looking forward to seeing is Marie Antoinette.

Boxing Day is not just for the cricket at the MCG and the Sydney to Hobart yacht race but also a busy movie going day. We went to the wrong theatre first of course so took our books and wine down to the river to fill in the time before it was on at the proper place.

Still very hot today - 37 -

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Unknown said...

Having a problem moving beyond this dates blog - but I too had the double Fashion book for Christmas - what a co-incidence!! Have a great New Year Lv ANNA


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