Sunday, December 17, 2006

slow hot weekend

'Craft is where you take the parameters and work within them. Art is where the medium is stretched to breaking point and emotion is conjured up.' A quote from Malcom Harrison, 2006. NZ textile artist who happens to live on Waiheke Island. I think it says a lot.

Very hot here this weekend with a promise of a thunderstorm tonight. We have wiled away some of our time watching the cricket where it actually became exciting this afternoon. Cricket doesn't do a great deal for me - sort of like watching grass grow (okay I know there are plenty of cricket fans out there).

Because I am a tutor at the Quilt Convention in Melbourne in February I have to exhibit 2 pieces (note I didn't say quilts). I thought I would challenge myself to create 2 works primarily using the embellisher with mixed media and hand stitch but try not to use my sewing machine. Rule broken already because I want to twin needle some of the left over velvet from Princess H. Mad as usual. I intend to include both pieces in the book.

I have decided on my art to wear garment for 2007. It shall be titled Goody Goody Gum Drops. This is because Ian had an icecream of this name on Waiheke and I only had rum and raisin. I whinged but I didn't get a taste. So I am going to be involved one way or another. I want to knit a bolero but I can't find a pattern that I like. Looks like I will just have to create my own. I am hoping to work on the bodice (cami) tomorrow. This will definitely be made on the embellisher.

This little piece has all been created on the embellisher. Leave it for you to work it all out. Nothing complex. Off to eat up the road.

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Penny said...

This looks terrific Dale, have a few ideas. My machine still hasnt come, excuse, they havent any in stock although they have been advertising them in their catalogue, another phone call tomorrow.
Cant wait for the book.
Havent dared look at my finger, perhaps tomorrow, typing difficult, sewing ok but no time left.


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