Wednesday, December 20, 2006

another busy day

Sarah Lawrence has been making some wonderful wild women so I thought I would make a litle bag for our mobile phone. Ian will be delighted every time he uses it..... I used the Artgirlz charms - they are such fun and I have even painted their nails with Pinata Inks. If you look at the lefthand side of her you can see some of that twin needled velvet from Princess H. All on the embellisher with some handstitching.

Got all of the Cloth Paper Scissors away along with lots of other parcels and we had a pile of visitors so we had a busy day.

Bruce came to photograph the first section for the book you will no doubt be pleased to know. I had better get working before he catches up to me. I also even managed to get the christmas tree up as he brought a pile of presents with him but I couldn't find one with my name on it......

I have been reading this book - Stitch - a fabulous anthology of NZ textile artists. Why haven't we got one in Australia? I would highly recommend it.


Kim said...

Nice work on the mobile bag - I especially like the added touch of the painted nails!

Anonymous said...


Love the little bag for the mobile.


Dianne said...

Love the phone bag Dale. Can't wait for my CPS!!


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