Friday, December 08, 2006


woke up this morning to RAIN, RAIN, RAIN. It won't last (in fact its 7am and it has stopped) but what bliss. The smell is glorious. The seat cushions outside are wet but they will dry. Someone from Brisbane emailed to say it was raining at her place so I hope everyone else in OZ has some/gets some soon.

Too early to do the code but if you go to and click on quilting arts mag and on Pop Goes the Card Case, you can see my card holder thingie which didn't arrive in time to be in the mag - postal services can be annoying but that's life!


Anonymous said...


How lucky you are Dale, we live on the island of the end of the big island you live on and we are can use some here, fingers crossed and hope you get more.

Penny said...

Dale, 40 degrees today, 41 at least and wind tomorrow. All dams in the district are drying up, the land is bleached to a rather nice creamy parchment shade. Rain? what on earth is that?


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