Wednesday, December 06, 2006

more busy - should know better

It is always my imagination that I will get things done for me when we come home after being away - I should know better. When you have at least 4 days orders to get through and a packed up answer phone...... Not to mention the parcels and mail waiting. At least we have some daylight saving now to make life a little more like the rest of the world. It has taken me until 6pm to locate my studio key so I can go in and see that the stuff I left all over the place is still there waiting for me.

While we were away I bought a child's book with a hard cover at the markets and I glued the pages together - well only every second one and then I glued some Waiheke newspaper pages and brochures on the pages and painted over it with gesso all ready to use as my Waiheke sketchbook. Of course each page takes a while to dry and I didn't actually finish the gesso part but in my little tiny sketchbook I did little tiny drawings and with my photos will work up to using it as I planned. The green grass for all of you in Canberra especially, is real. Can you see why my soul is settled for a little while. I just loved the land and the sea all around - loads of beaches and we very busily found where we would like to stay next year - yes - next year. I would love to live there but Ian has (very wisely) pointed out the impractical nature of this.

But I do plan a long term decent amount of work to come out of it. I have even bought home the newspapers and extra brochures as I am sure I will need them and I found some wonderful paper napkins - well they are more a map of Auckland and the Hauraki Gulf but I think highly appropriate. So lots to share in days to come.

I didn't do much writing for the book but I did make a lot of notes and tomorrow I hope to get back to the embellisher. I will also go and collect the Janome Xpression I am going to borrow to see how it performs. I have plenty to do for sure.

Today along with lots of other stuff, the Creative Quilting book arrived. It is a huge book - nearly 300 pages and has a wonderful selection of journal quilts contained. Quite yummy.

If you are a WOW subscriber, you can see the book aid auction which Maggie is running - someone has actually bid for my Aussie scroll which is wonderful - I hope it goes to a good home. I seem to have mislaid my mediaeval scroll - I will have to make another one - maybe a Waiheke scroll.

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Helen from Canberra said...

Hi Dale,

Ijust wanted to let you know that I now have your emerald green grass on my desktop

Cheers Helen


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