Tuesday, December 12, 2006

mulberry tree in our garden

I am working up in my studio and I think I must be one of the luckiest people around. This is the mulberry tree which is just outside the window. It is laden with mulberries and they are sweet and so tasty. When we bought our house the mulberry tree dominated the back area of the back garden surrounded by other things which never did well. When the studio was being planned, we asked Paul to design it around the 2 eucalyptus trees and the mulberry tree. Well the eucalyptus trees have a prominent place but the mulberry tree has sort of been pushed out of the limelight. One of the first things we had to do was to saw off one of the branches and you may have seen me in action on our About Us page on the website. You can't see it so easily from the back garden anymore but inside the studio where I am working (2 embellisher machines facing out), I am looking onto this superb vista of green leaves with light filtering through. Absoluetely laden with nulberries in various stages of ripeness. We still have to clear up the area underneath and I am hoping Ian will agree to water of some sort but it will be a pleasure to watch it develop.

Outside it is supposed to be 32degrees (and it feels like it) but in here it is cool, helped no doubt by the high ceiling and polished conrete floor. I haven't had the air con on yet either. I am truly a spoilt person. Ian can skype me any time especially to tell me the coffee is ready. All I need now is a sound system.


Anonymous said...

hi Dale,

Your studio must be the envy of every textile person in the world.

You are so lucky!



Penny said...

Gosh Dale, my mulberries are still red, and probably need more water to fill out. I hope the birds dont beat us to them, the BEST summer pudding is made using mulberries.


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