Sunday, December 24, 2006

some more christmas greetings

this is our waiting to be planted Cordyline, resplendent in coloured lights.

Here is our Xmas tree from 1970 still going strong.

And outside the studio something I bought many years ago awaiting their opportunity.

Tonight we had a nice night out with Jim and Val and tomorrow lots of cooking work to do


Helen from Canberra said...

Hello Dale and Ian,

I just wanted to wish you both a joyous Christmas and a happy and healthy 2007

Cheers Helen

Penny said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO you all, Here we have had rain drizzle and sun on kangaroo Island, I dont mind I have walked beaches, eaten and drunk pobably far too much. Dont really want to go home. But I am dying to try out the embellisher. Signal here for the laptop not good, keeps droppng out and as John brought it over to work on a family histoy he ispresenting to a historical society in town next month it and he have been busy.


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