Thursday, December 14, 2006

Jumbuck Safety

June Brown, who is an Australian contemporary quilt maker, sent me this quilt when she sent her Playways Module 2. I am sure she won't mind that I have popped it up here. I do love June's work - almost enough to inspire me into making a quilt - the definition of a quilt seems to have changed somewhat since I made mine back in the 1980s. June said she made it with passion for the simplicity and peace of the outback and I think that says it all....

The fires in Victoria and Tasmania and the lack of water is a big discussion point at present. And they will stay with us through the summer. Not all fires are from natural causes - many are lit by arsonists - what goes on inside people's heads never fails to amaze me. One thing about textiley folks - 99.9% of them are wonderful. Great scene to be part of.

I have been having more fun with my machines - slowly making progress but I am happy to show people my studio when they come round since I am so spoilt. For two days there has been a rosella in the branch of the mulberry tree just outside - resting from the sun and no doubt with a tummy full of mulberries. Happy to share the top ones. I just collect a bowl full every day - freeze some, have some with icecream and thanks, Penny, I shall make a summer pudding this weekend.

Ian has loaded a pic of the Western Australian christmas tree on our website - if you click on the holly branch and bells pic, you will see it. In our last house we had such a tree in the garden.

Also heard this morning that the latest Cloth Paper Scissors is on its way - maybe before christmas.

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Anonymous said...

I must admit to looking at your lovely mulberry tree pics with much envy! I remember when I was about 7 or 8 visiting my great uncle's property and absolutely gorging myself on fat juicy purple fruit - and being shown that rubbing my fingers with green mulberries would take away most of the incriminating evidence.... like quinces, you pretty much have to have a tree (or at least access to one) to get any, they certainly don't show up in the shops.

Hmmm - have you ever tried dyeing with them?


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