Monday, January 01, 2007


Happy New Year! We had a lovely night last night and now it is 2007.

Marie Antoinette was a wonderful film. The story line stopped sooner than we expected. I have pulled out a book written by Stefan Zweig which we read ages ago and this was one of his comments in the introduction

"Marie Antoinette was neither the great saint or royalism nor yet the great whore of the Revolution, but a mediocre, average woman: neither fire nor ice: devoid of any vigorous wish to do good and of the remotest inclination to do evil: the average woman of yesterday, today, and tomorrow."

If there hadn't been a Revolution, she wouldn't be remembered.

So - what am I reading this week. Well this book again, of course!

I loved the costumes and the decadence and we could both sit and say we have been to Versailles as tourists.

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