Saturday, January 13, 2007

Saturday Stuff

This is my Take a Stitch Tuesday sample from week 1 - Herringbone Stitch. Worked on scrim on felt again and some parts have been embellished and others not.

It's very hot today so I have been working in the studio with the air con on and watching Sarah Lawrence's dvd on using Angelina, Fusible Film and the like. I really want to get my melting pot out and make some Angelina beads but I must keep working on the embellishers. I have some new pics on my embellishment machine blog. The dvd was really good and Sarah sounds just like Sarah with her lovely emphasis on sounding the g on the end of sounding etc. That may sound familiar or funny to lots of you but it is a novelty to us and one which we very naughtily copy.

The recipes from Sizzle worked a treat last night - Chargrilled Lamb Rumps with balsamic vinegar and Panzonella - quite yummy. The butcher sold me far too much meat so we will be having the Lamb Rump recipe again tomorrow night. Have to find some friends to share it with.

I still can't work out how to change the December 2006 on the right to January 2007 - when I go to settings it says 2007. Blogger help was no use at all.


Doreen G said...

I wish I lived near you then I could share the meal.That's if you'd invite me.
The week 1 sample looks good and I think the embellisher side is great.

Emmy said...

your wrk on the embellisher is wonderful I work on the embellisher for over 2 years now and stil learning new things
it is great

Ali Honey said...

Oh Foxton Beach does look dismal. I too spent many many happy hours on West Coast beaches, Himitangi more than Foxton. Strange how it doesn't look the same any more.

I like your stitch work.Shame I can't swap beans for some of that meat!

Dianne said...

I love your TAST sample - great colours and fibre you've used!! Oohh that book looks good - might have to add that to my library.

allie aller said...

Your TAST is unusual and very cool. This is my first visit to your blog...really interesting!

Susan said...

That is such an interesting background for the TAST! I love the colors in the thread, too. It looks happy and unrestrained.


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