Monday, January 22, 2007

Stargazey Tag

Received my fourth tag today from Deb Jensen - thanks very much to all of the owners of the wonderful tags.

I have also almost vacated the room inside so our office can almost move. Then we have to buy the table we have looked at with boring regularity up the road so that the table I have in the studio can come indoors for our new dining room - new in that it will no longer be an office. Naturally I have a pile of stuff in the studio which I now have to sort through but I have once again thrown out a heap of stuff. One thing I have collected over the years are postcards and cards and pages I tear out of magazines (like the Qantas book) - I have an awful lot and think it is time to collate and maybe discard.......

1 comment:

Digitalgran said...

I have loads of inspiring pages and cards and magazines too Dale, but I never seem to look at them. I suppose I need to sort them out too.


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