Friday, January 12, 2007

Foxton Beach

This is where I took my mother last Saturday and where I used to go all the time when I was a kid - but January weather this time was more like winter weather of my childhood. It was pretty grey and rough. We used to be able to drive down onto the beach and the best memory is of everyone's mothers waving them in once they dared to go out beyond the first wave. We used to collect pippies on the incoming tide and toheroas when they were in season. Dare I say we used a knitting needle to see if they were there.............. Every summer on Boxing Day we would go to the beach where we often stayed in a bach - roller skating at the rink, roaming, swimming, playing in the sand dunes. It has all changed now and everything is open and boring looking.

This is my mother who abandoned her walker all day and had on her knitted suit which I reckon matches my hair. She is deaf so I wrote her the colour - Fuchsia.... She is 92.

The next morning my sister and I called in to say hello and goodbye.

These are the Gerberas in my studio. They sell in packs of 5 and I buy three packs of different colours. They are just about finished now but aren't they glorious colours. The man at the deli thinks I like bright colours......

Be amazed that I have finally started taking my own pics with the digital. I only managed about 6 in NZ but I will improve. I forgot after a while.

It is going to be very hot this weekend so I will get lots of work done up here in the studio with the air con on - I have a pile of things I have started so will have plenty to show tomorrow.

Tonight we are having a bbq all reciped with my new book - Sizzle - and for our Irish mates Eva and Malachy as well.


Helen said...

Your hair definitely matches your mum's knitted suit!! Lovely colour.

Jenny Bear said...

Your Mum is wonderful for her age - love the suit.

Linda is leaving UK tomorrow - hope the weather cools down for you and her.

Your chilhood beach is so similar to our Durham beaches!



Anonymous said...

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