Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Tags, Lutradur and Stuff

Some days you feel like you are pedalling backwards - I haven't got to my studio yet - stuff to take to the lock up, stuff to bring back from the lockup, parcels to open, stuff to package, stock to count, stuff to order, orders to fill. It's been one of those days - and I haven't been for my walk. Disaster.

Today I received another very creative tag from Patsy in Georgis, USA. When you get bogged down or behind in swaps it is always lovely to receive something nice.

The Lutradur finally arrived today - seem to have been waiting for ages. It isn't available in Australia so I have to bring it in and with difficulty - 18 metres and half of it has already gone. It won't go on the web until I get a proper source. So if you want it, email us. It will be gone before I know it. I am worn out with trying to contact the supposed suppliers. Lutradur is fabulous stuff - I watched Barbara Lee Smith's DVD and she uses it in all of her work. I think Djanne may have been doing things with it. It doesn''t fray, you can paint it, stitch on it, feed it throughthe printer and it catches the light. I have made a journal with it but I keep it out if sight because everyone wants to buy it and I have only had sporadic sources since 2004, can you believe?

Once I have done the mail, I shall be off up to the studio to finish the crusty vessel and get on with the next stage on the embellisher. Bruce is away sailing on a 14ft skiff in Geelong so we are taking Kazuko out to dinner tonight (last night's bbq was wonderful - we have such lovely friends in Luigi and Martine). Grant is also sailing on his 18ft skiff in Geelong. So if you are down that way you might see 2 Rollersons.....


Megan said...


Got your tag today - thanks it's groovy. Saw your post about Lutradur. I think it's the same blooming thing as the Pellon RainbowSPUN that Birch and SSS have just brought in. I've asked my rep to check and will let you know when he comes back with the answer. It comes in white as well as the colours. Birch sells it in packs of 10 sheets - SSS sells by the roll. If you want to see a picture of it see my website under Pellon products. Website is

Will let you know for sure when I find out. Maybe the answer you are looking for!



Elizabet said...

Came across your site when searching for Lutradur which a friend had mentioned to me. Love your tag!

This Lutrador stuff sounds amazing but I can't find anywhere in the UK that sells it!

Digitalgran said...

You are not having a very good day up to now Dale. I'm sure it will get better knowing you.
I've heard so much about this lutradur, but have never seen any.


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