Sunday, January 14, 2007

Tag Swap

I made 4 tags for the Stargazey Tome swap to send off tomorrow. That's the very fine copper tissue on Tissutex. Hope the 4 recipients like them. I think they were supposed to be there last week but better late than never. I also make a little sample piece on the embellisher with the 12 1" x 1" fabric charms. Then I will make the real ones for the swap. You can see the piece on my embellisher blog.

I am sitting in the studio and I think that the Glory has just got another goal. There is a soccer game on at the Perth Oval which is just at the end of our street. Very noisy when there are soccer games on but there are not a lot of people there today. You can always tell if the gLory are winning or not. At the beginning of February there is an Eric Clapton concert so it will be great night for us to sit outside and bbq and enjoy.

We went up the road for coffee and ended up at the Must Wine Bar with friends. Keeping the rest of our lamb rump for tomorrow's bbq - it's a bit too hot out there tonight. Sadly NZ lost the one day cricket game after such good bowling.

Ian has loaded the Jan promotion on the website. No better time to get your sequins and Zap Cloth. The sequins are already selling well - I am thinking of going for 4 more colours since 100 kilos wasn't nearly as frightening as I thought......

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Dianne said...

I was in this swap too! The recipients won't be too fussed about them being late, just exciting about receiving such great tags.


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