Thursday, January 04, 2007

inside the studio - working

This is the view from my embellisher and it will be even better when we get to do the landscaping. This is not a table for my embellisher - although I did see them at Ally Pally. They are not available here but I have taken the table from my Husqvarna and even though it doesn't fit perfectly it is excellent to use for larger pieces.

Swivelling around is my other table which currently holds the Xpression and my 'puter - this is looking to the mulberry tree and the Rosellas busily munching away on the mulberries and chatting. This area will also be lovely before too long!

This little pile on the chair is a piece left over from the cami for Goodie Goodie Gum Drops - and other knitted bits and pieces to make a bag on the embellisher. I have run out of yarn for the bolero so am waiting for some more to arrive. All over the floor in piles are book samples in their sections.

This morning the sequins arrived and 100 kilos doesn't take up too much space at all! They are dense so I should have realised. So I will be able to look at 4 more colours when I see how these go. What we have are Gold, Brass, Copper and Silver in flat square and flat round in 2mm, 3mm, 4mm and 5mm. Packaged in their own little round jars which makes it easy for storage (I mean I will be packaging them in their own little round jars to make it easy for you to store them....)
Plus the Zap Cloth arrived and 3 new variegated metallic threads. They will be on the web after Tuesday..... because.....

Tonight we are off to NZ for a 4 day whirlwind visit. I am flying to Wellington and will spend tomorrow checking out my favourite city - will call on Michelle in the Textile Studio in Thorndon Quay as well as do some business and go to my favourite haunts. Then I go to Palmerston North to see my sister and mother and Bev and I will have a good night out on Saturday before I fly to Christchurch where Ian's sister is getting married on Monday - she and Terry are flying over from London and with our kids and Annette's kids it will be a Rollerson family reunion. If you are one of those people who write cheques to us at Ally Pally, this is the Annette whose name you write! Then we fly back home on Tuesday morning. I am looking for a few warm clothes to take as it has been cold in NZ.

There is a cyclone up north in WA which is apparently the worst for a decade but it is bypassing Perth and heading down through the middle so we might have a bumpy flight. The weather here is lovely now though - not so hot and the humidity has vanished for the moment.

See you all next week - I will take some pics...... and you can see one of the things I have done with my embellished piece on my embellisher blog.


Helen said...

what is an embellisher machine and what does it do that an ordinary machine doesn't? I'm intrigued. I have never heard of them. Are they available here in NZ?

Penny said...

Your studio looks fantastic, my room is hot. Have a lovely few days. send rain.

Helen Suzanne said...

Oh Dale... two machines, lol you'll have the girls raving! I did have a bit of a panic there for you with the sequins... please tell me you don't have to count them out into the little round jars (i'm sure you don't) - what an awful vision


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