Saturday, January 20, 2007


Lutradur is quite an interesting fabric. I can't lay my hands on my book from a wee while back but this page was painted with Dye-na-flow - sponged on and left overnight to dry. I left ot on the plastic to dry and that side now has quite a plasticky surface - interesting. Then I printed with Lumiere Pearlescent White paint and stitched on parts of it. The top 3 flowers I burnt out with a woodburning tool and used the tool to bond it to the surface. I know that previously I have been able to iron it to itself. I burnt around the edges with the wood burning tool too even with the tip being very wobbly and threatening to fall off. Now that it is cold I have tightened it up again.

Meant to say that quite a good number of ATCs are flowing in for the display at the Quilt Convention in Melbourne next month but don't be shy - read all about it on our website and send in your offerings for swaps. This is the last time I shall be running it.

I have been fiddling in blogger with the archives - still no luck with having 2 December sets of entries - I wonder what will happen when it becomes February..... I have tried everything I can think of. Very frustrating indeed.

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