Thursday, January 11, 2007

Take a Stitch Tuesday

I have decided to join Sharon's Take a Stitch Tuesday but only in a very non serious way. This is something which I did with City and Guilds. Coming from a non-traditional stitching background, I used Constance Howard's Book of Stitches and taught myself a new stitch each week. Val Campbell-Harding suggested I explore each stitch which was always pretty exciting and made you move beyond the fringe. Another favourite book is Stitch Magic - Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn which makes you drool over a few stitches. My today's effort with buttonhole stitch is pretty simplistic -using 6 strand cotton on a scrim on felt background but I thought I would try them and see how the embellisher likes them. The scrim gives a bit of extra texture. My pic shows front and back. Back on the bottom and I rather like this. Next I will move backwards to the first week and play with herringbone stitch. Buttonhole stitch is a very useful stitch and one I use a lot.

There are lots of challenges on at present - maybe too many - who knows. I must not agree to participate in any others. I have tags to make this weekend for the Stargazey swap and then 1" x 1" fabric charms. I am going to use the embellisher for these though so I am happy to be involved.

I have started packagingthe sequins - or rather Kazuko has - trying to keep all the different sizes in their own boxes until the labels are made. It's not necessarily easy to distinguish between sizes when you are waiting for new specs.

Doreen - I love cooking but sometimes at the end of a busy day it is easier to sneak down the road. I am getting all ready to start my Julie Biuso book - sticky tags all over the place. I don't think I have ever spent an airplane flight reading a cookbook before. I followed it with Marie Antionette interspersed with kiddie sounds. Leanne - maybe you could try gatecrashing Julie's bbqs.......

My blog dates on the right haven't turned over and seemingly I am still in 2006. Does anyone have any suggestions? Blogger help did not.


Unknown said...

I like these, back and front.
It is easy to get caught up in swaps isn't it, just doing some of my charms now %$*&$ is all I can say :)

Leanne said...

She's not listed in the local directory....Ms Biuso....why would that be d'ya think?
Might have to send out the spies....what do you say when you gatecrash for goodness sake? Never picked that particular art up in my youth.


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