Thursday, January 18, 2007

on to Thursday

Beryl Taylor has sent me a piece of her work 'cos I did her a little favour - aren't I lucky? And for all of those who have emailed me - yes she is doing workshops and you will be able to book when it is all organised. After the show in August.

I get such wonderful work from my students which I enjoy seeing so much. You can always see a sample on the Playways gallery but I had some specially nice pieces this week and here is one from Helen Hassall - her work was so beautifully presented - she is very talented and has even agreed to let me add one of her pieces to the embellisher book.

Lutradur - well the heavy one is moving off fast - it is 100gsm and does everything you could wish for and I am continuing my search in Australia for more because of the hassle of getting it in but in the meantime I have found some which is lightweight - 30gsm - and you can layer it - I have had a quick play with it and I am very impressed. It is so versatile. If you have CPS Issue 10 you will have read Lesley Riley's article. I also found black and 4 metallic colours so that has cheered me up. I am hoping to get to use it in one of my books very soon. It will be on the web today I hope.


Leanne said...

Delaying bedtime with uninterrupted webtime and I'm the only one online in your forum at present. I like the new people counting thingy you've got....there are alot of us here aren't there for a tiny place?

Editor said...

Just wanted to let you know that Lutrader is used in the automobile building industry. Before it came available on the web, I tried to find out more about it. It is made in Germany and you can get it from a wholesaler from the Freudenberg Nonwovens Group:
They sell it by rolls of 100 and 250 metres though. Hope this helps you by importing it cheaply in Australia!

Downunderdale said...

Many thanks, Jacueline, for that information. I did know that and have been in touch with them for some time. The problem is getting it in Australia - they have an agent but somehow things change dramtically between other parts of the world and here......


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