Wednesday, January 10, 2007

more books

In the Johnsonville Mall (happy shopping grounds from days with 2 small babies and a long walk up the hill from Glenside - the area was lovely then - so much more rural and without a housing block cantilevered over our beautiful area), Paper Chase were having a 20% off all books day and who can resist that? So of course I bought books. My new year's resolutions, apart from all the obvious, include trying new recipes. I love cooking but I always resort to the old ones. This book - Sizzle - written by Julie Biuso - has all sorts of wonderful bbq stuff in it and I planned to start using it tonight, but amazingly - it is raining in Perth. What bliss.

The other cook book I got was Taking Tea in the Medina by Julie Le Clerc - this is a pictorial excitement and I will probably only drool over it. The cover reminded me of Dijane's pomengranates since they are.

We had a great 4 days and it went too fast of course. When I sort them I have some photos but just a bit too busy yet. Our flight home was something - we were at the back of the plane on a direct flight from Auckland to Perth in a nursery. So many little kiddies creating so much chaos. I think all the hostesses hid out the back and at one point the captain put the seat belt sign on suggesting some turbulence was on its way. Well - got them all back in their seats for a while.

Way back in October on the plane to London, I discovered I couldn't see to read with my glasses on and took them off. I found I could read better without them but it is a habit of nearly a lifetime and hard to break. I have been developing very sore eyes since and finally went to the optician today - it seems my eyes have improved enormously and the eye aches come from wearing glasses far too strong. If I live another 30 years I might not need my specs anymore. So I just have to wait 10 days for my new glasses.

Very busy today which is what happens when you go away. I shall be back up in the studio tomorrow. Helen Suzanne - don't worry about the sequins - I don't have to count them or weigh them - I am simply filling the jars to the very top. Start this job tomorrow.


Doreen G said...

I'm glad to hear that you like cooking -I thought that you ate out all the time because you couldn't cook..
Pleased to hear you enjoyed the break.

Leanne said...

Thought Julie Buiso had been keeping a fairly low profile. Bought her Italian cookbook years ago when Hamish was at daycare with Ilaria. There was no passion between them so our friendship never really got going...disappointing for all. I think they are back at College together (14 years later) but we're not at that stage yet either. Bit like me wanting to change my daughter to the school where Tim Finn's son goes....I would encourage lots of playdates and betrothal if nudged, she's 7....bit of a try hard really aren't I?


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