Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Sultry Wednesday

Isn't this a beautiful photo? It's a sunset in Wellington in NZ - my most favourite city. Changing all the time. This is a very serene moment in the windiest city in the world. Perth is third in that category. (so they say)

So much for Autumn - it's very sultry today and I seem to have been working at half pace - bit like the brickie who is almost half way up the wall - tomorrow should see it finished.

I did manage 10 more rows of twin needling on the velvet - I think the rows are getting longer and longer but at least I am well over a quarter of the way there. Plod plod..... No worries Caitlin that it will be on view before Sydney - probably still being stitched on the plane knowing me.

Today we loaded the information for the ATC Challenge and Display in Sydney at Darling Harbour show in June so please go look on our website and take part. We have a 5 metre stand waiting to be filled up. The lovely little ATCs on the info page are part of a Playways ATC challenge which will be on the website early April.

Because I was so slow moving today I have to get working overtime on the ATCs for QA.....

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