Sunday, March 05, 2006

Lazy Hot Sunday

Yes I know it is Autumn but we are having the hot weather we didn't get over christmas. 38 and humid and best spent indoors, listening to our almost complete collection of Nigel Kennedy cds.

Here are the covers from my Medieval Magic book I am making - digitised letters using Generations which is a programme I can actually come to grips with and I do like playing with lettering. Stitched with our lovely Illumination threads - the best part about owning a business is that you can get to choose the colours of your threads and these rayons of ours which may be slippery to use stitch out so superbly. I like creating variegated colours as it gives me a chance to play around with colour but these ones are a little different in that they are shades of colours. I enjoy using variegated threads in my stitching. The backgrounds are felt with vliesofix and foils and then a wonderful ribbon called La Scala on the top with a chiffon scarf to cover, stitched and burnt back. Makes a wonderful background.

Tomorrow is a holiday here and I am planning to get working on my art to wear - means I will have to set my Embellisher up but I want to get started on the bodice before time slips away.

I have also been experimenting with the Transfer Ink which really does work. Printed out a few back and white images and transferred them to different surfaces - I shall have a go with my Twinkling H20s on the images tomorrow.


Textile Tales said...

These are lovely Dale,
The threads are glorious, look forward to seeing more

MargaretR said...

Hi Dale.
I love these and in fact I originally thought the background was some sort of tweedy fabric. I shall have to get a closer look at these images on my new computer up in my loft! Bigger screen than the laptop.

Penny said...

Hmm Dale, these look great. Unfortunatly I dont have a machine that does things like this. Will have to stick with the illuminated initials. I may play with the larger size alphabet that is on the machine tho and see what that looks like. On felt and cut with my soldering iron just might work.

Helen from Canberra said...

Hi Dale,

I have only recently become interested in lettering. Your examples are such an inspiration. I bought some of the La Scala from you a little while ago for no other reason than that I loved it, now I know how I can use it.

Cheers Helen

Leanne Hurren said...

OOh goregeous Dale. What is your medieval magic book? Tell me more! I am doing a medieval sketchbook at the moment and am going to the British Museum tomorrow to draw some medieval artifacts.

arlee said...

Would love to hear more about the Medieaval Magic and House books---i started a blog and flickr team just for fabric art journals---such fun to be doing books this way!


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