Thursday, March 02, 2006

studio happenings

We have been so busy this week that I haven't had time to go into my 'in the house' studio even to tidy it up. As well as being generally very busy with orders, the latest Quilting Arts magazine - No 21 - arrived to keep us further out of mischief. As always a great issue. On the new studio front, however, things are happening. The outdoor patio went up today and it has changed the whole look once again. Still lots of things to do but it is getting closer now.

Last night we sat outside for our bbq and thought more about the landscaping. As the patio gets underway I can see more clearly. I am afraid I am a visual person and haven't been able to work out what exactly it was going to look like.

Bit of drama this morning though as it looked for a while that the Jacaranda branch might have to go but instead the poor tradies had to move 2 of the posts (already set in concrete). The branch has been smiling all day.

I am also loading some pics of the inside - first two looking into the 'darby and joan relaxing spot' and the third one is the glass area of the working area. The dark recessed area is my wet area and it means I will be able to store all of my messy stuff and paints etc and never have to work on the kitchen bench again. Will add one of the back wall area soon - while it is uncluttered with all of my stuff. The inside walls have had a first coat and the cedar has had a coat and the trim has had a coat - hopefully the painter will be back again to finish off although we think he is on holiday some more.


Gill said...

Wonderful area, Dale. Just imagine the beauties that are going to come out of such a perect environment! Bet you can't wait

MargaretR said...

That is really what I call a 'Studio' Dale. Can we have a photo of your smiling jacaranda too?

Liz said...

Wow! I'm so jealous, Dale! It will be gorgeous when it is finished.

Helen from Canberra said...

Hi Dale

The studio is certainly taking shape and looking fantastic. I'll be looking out for the postie today in the hope that he might bring my Quilting Arts otherwise I will have to wait until Monday.

Cheers Helen

Elle said...

What a pretty spot! So much light!

Helen from Canberra said...

Quilting Arts has just arrived

Cheers Helen


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