Sunday, March 12, 2006

embellisher fabric

This is the base fabric I am working onto hand dyed scrim. As you can see, lots to do but I have sort of attached wool fibre front and some from the back. I like the way the scrim comes up to the top like little flecks of fibre. Lots more to do to blend all of those pockets of colour with the lovely Da Masi yarn which looks like it is felted before you begin, and throwsters waste and wool type yarn and hand and machine stitching and then cut it up for the bodice and hopefully have plenty left to use as patches for the skirt. I have some beautiful hand dyed velvet I want to use for a sort of jacket and skirt parts. If that sounds undefined, it's because plenty of it is still in my head and only some in my notebook.

Had a lovely lazy day today - we walked from our place through to East Perth for coffee - not a single cloud in the sky and Ian forgot to wear his hat. I bought a new mouse as well but it is going so fast I have to chase it to catch up.

Off outside for bbq - lovely nights now that it is supposed to be Autumn. The back yard is looking very neat and tidy and ever so spacious. We think the floor polishing men are coming tomorrow so it will be noisy.


Leanne Hurren said...

Gorgeous colours Dale! I can see that an embellisher needs to go on my wish list for the future.

Helen from Canberra said...

Just love your embellisher fabric. I have an embellisher but as yet have not done a lot with it.

Cheers Helen


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