Monday, March 27, 2006

Monday thingies

I reckon I am a quarter of the way with the twin needling on the velvet - I have stitched a row or two every time I have had a moment to whip into the sewing machine. The crazy ideas you get but have to say the fabric looks gorgeous. I will post it when I get half way through. Then I plan to cut it up.....

Heard today that the wall building man will be here tomorrow and the door handle man this week and even the electrician so it won't be long until the studio is ready for action. Just as well as I have spent a frustrating time today trying to find a folder which I know is in there somewhere. I am so looking forward to packing up my stuff and moving it.

Posting three pics from Portugal - the top one is the name outside - wonderful rusting and ageing scene - second is a piece of art which was on one of the walls and the third a window opening to a window? It did appeal to me.

Ian and I had a very pleasant bbq outside tonight - this is a super time of the year - coolish in the evening but not a hint of wind - just a pile of ants to drive us mad. We can sit outside and luxuriate in the new studio and nut out how the landscaping will go.

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