Friday, March 03, 2006

Friday excitement

When things start moving, they certainly do. Today 2 painters came and finished all the cedar stuff and painted two coats on the patio before it had hardly been set! Plus yesterday's tradies came and took away the spare timber and cleared the space. So we have a great weekend admiring the area. Next week I think the floor is being polished - and the trench for the brick and bagged wall done and the outside walls bagged. Once the floor is done I will be able to start moving in some of my wet area stuff. Tomorrow I will load a couple of pics of where I am working at present. I can see my poor little lemon hanging out - I think it needs rescuing and moving.

Last night we went to Syriana - a film very similar to The Constant Gardener but set in Europe and the Middle East and this time about corporate greed and oil and governments. I didn't enjoy it as much though - the plot was more muddled and we actually didn't manage to resolve some of the sub plots. Plus the promo was actually more fast moving than the film which I thought a bit ploddy and predictable.

Tonight we are off to listen to Nigel Kennedy in Kings Park - really looking forward to it. I guess he is one of my heroes along with Hundertwasser and Val Campbell-Harding.


Helen Cowans said...

Dale that studio looks SO wonderful. Such a good addition to the house and garden. Puts my wooden shack to shame :)


Brenda said...

Enjoy your new studio. After years of dividing my time between two homes and constant packing and unpacking of quilting stuff, it is an absolute joy to have a dedicated creative space


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