Thursday, March 09, 2006

Luigi Lolly Dress

This dress is a bit of fun and named for my dear friend Luigi, who, with his wife Martien, runs the most fabulous Italian restaurant in Perth - San Marco. He is such a whizz chef and makes the best gnocchi you will ever taste and lots of other luscious food including yummy tripe - just for me. I was needing some chocolate wrappers for a City and Guilds piece and I asked him if he could keep his wrappers for me and of course he gave me lots. So I made a fun garment I have called Luigi Lolly Dress - I haven't found a model for her yet but when the studio is finished I might pop her out in the garden from time to time.

After all the excitement yesterday no tradies came today.


Helen from Canberra said...


Your versatilaty never ceases to amaze me but I must disagree with you about the tripe. Yuck!!!

Regards Helen

Grumpy said...

Love your dress Dale!


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