Monday, March 06, 2006

Holiday Monday

It's a holiday today in Perth not that it stops people in the rest of the country and world ordering but I have been embellishing wool fibres onto a metre of hand dyed scrim. Too boring to post yet but I will when it grows with more stuff. I plan to cut it up for the bodice of my art to wear and maybe parts of the skirt. See how I feel.

In the meantime here is another H house page - this time twin needled with a few extras. The H book is slowly growing and should have 20 pages and be ready by June. I have also loaded a picture of a doll I had to dress - well this is her bodice - you can see I like these colours. She has embellisher pants but they can wait for another day

Not so hot here today and we are just off to the river with friends for a bbq.


Digitalgran said...

What a great idea dressing the doll in art to wear. I think I might be able to move myself and create a small piece for a doll Dale.

Helen from Canberra said...


You just amaze me with all that you do. Tell me do you ever sleep???

Anonymous said...

that bodice is stunning. I think I need to come and do some classes in perth or something.


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