Tuesday, March 21, 2006

monday night concert

Last night we went to a fabulous concert in Fremantle - The Cologne New Philharmonic Orchestra who are doing another of their tours around Australia. This is the third time we have been to hear them and it was as good as ever apart from the heat!

The Orchestra members are mostly graduates of German conservatories who want to try some playing experience in chamber orchestras before furthering their careers as soloists etc. The soloists who performed were full of life and they all played exceptionally well especially considering the heat. The performance was in St John's Anglican Church in Fremantle which has lovely acoustics if no airconditioning. It gave us the excuse to go to Fremantle and have a good meal at the Capri restaurant.

1 comment:

Gill said...

An excuse needed to eat out? Surely not!
Glad you enjoyed the concert, Dale - amazing what a bit of culcher can do, isn't it?


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