Sunday, November 09, 2008

the weekend

Busy little weekend. Wonderful weather. But no gardening. The New Zealand election has been and gone with a big change. The Wallabies and the ABs both won their games in the northern hemisphere and I have been doing a little Imelda playing. Remember my Paris shoes? I shall be ready to wear them soon. While I am working with them I have only been wearing them around the house - very comfortable. I have been playing with the soles and doing lots of drawings of the shape in anticipation of of the creation of an object.

First a rubbing over the sole with Shiva iridescent blender and a spray of colour. It doesn't like being scanned but I am pleased with it. Did you realise that the two soles are different? Even more exciting.

Then some casting. Good result.
Next I made 4 different printing blocks using Form-a-Foam and did lots of printing in my new rag book - we bought loads back from London - they have spiral rings - very nice.

You can see how the variations appear. It was hard to print into the form-a-foam with a not-flat surface so the printing variations are intersting. I have painted with Setacolour Shimmer - good paint.


Brenda said...

I love the casting. Beautiful. Wonderful that shoes can serve more than one purpose.

Robin Mac said...

What wonderful effects you are getting - no wonder you bought the shoes in the first place. I especially love the castings, look forward to seeing more developments. Cheers, Robin

Elizabeth said...

This is so interesting and inventive!
Glad you had a good time in London.
We are now in New York - you must come to see us if you are ever here.
We miss Morocco something fierce.
We are also thrilled with the election results.
All best wishes

Julie said...

The casting is beautiful. I will never look at shoes in the same way again. It will always be soles first!

Judy said...


I love your shoes! Not to wear (with my arthetic knees I'd fall over), from the minute I saw the soles i was green with envy and I love what you have done with them, like Julie said i too will never look at shoes the same way. happy walking in them after the play.

Doreen G said...

I don't know why you didn't buy us all a pair while you were away.
They do make a lovely print don't they.


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