Wednesday, November 12, 2008

imelda still working

These lovely shoes still have plenty of work to do before they go outdoors. Debbie did notice today that she could see the Shiva stik residue on the bottom although I promise I have scrubbed them up!

This is another casting - not paper - secret you wil have to wait until Ratty Tatty Papers 'cos if I tell you everything then there will be nothing new.... But suffice to mention the word 'silk'. The shoe sole I was worried I might melt it with the iron so it is a gentle impression - another of those esoteric ones. I painted it with Opulent paints and gilded it to bring out the impressions. I have decided that I will use all of my paints, inks, sprays this season. In working on napkins I have dragged out all manner of favourite stuff - yesterday played with the Distress Inks - I do like them. All this distressed and aged stuff.

The Twiddleybitz - that's the whole Twiddley Tree, Maggi. Such a great response - you can see the full range we have got in our catalogue in Experimentation - Stamping/Stencils - I have had to reorder after today - already.

Tonight we are off to the final ACO concert for the year - should be fabulous.

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Anonymous said...

I love your shoes, I was thinking . . to preserve the bottom image for future use, you could press it into polymer clay and harden it. You could also press another piece into the hardened one to make the original impression for future use . . .

Just a thought . .



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