Monday, November 24, 2008

Designing Women Exhibition

Yesterday I went to the Designing Women exhibition - we were away for the opening and it was the last day yesterday - there was some very good work and some which didn't do much for me - I prefer not to cast judgement on people's art but I do feel that when you can recognise a tutor's workshop then it is not really art - to me that is. I always like to think that people will reveal themselves and not someone else. I really liked Alcira's work though - this top one was part of a larger work - it's just that I am a bad photographer so I only focused in one one of the set - I found it very interesting indeed.

These 2 are books which Alcira had made (I don't have her surname or I would add it here) All of her work really did appeal to me.

I have only spent my day counting threads and stacking stuff at the lockup but I did give myself a scare - when I left our lockup I was looking around for my handbag (I was enroute to the butcher) and I suddenly realised I had left it in the car, locked but with the window down. Did my heart start moving faster - you bet! - and did I move fast - you bet some more.... fortunately all was well. I don't think i have ever done that before......


artisbliss said...

Wow, these are great. That book is something else.

Aussie Jo said...

Alcira's work is really interesting.
I know what you mean with the bag. I left my bag hanging on the trolley in the supermarket carpark and didn't realise until I got home. Raced back and luckily the trolley boy had taken it in to the desk!!!

Judy said...


Wow! That was a heart stopper for you glad it was still there.

I like the white piece part of a larger work by Alcira, it has coplexity to while looking so simple.

Ali Honey said...

That was lucky!
I thought you would be pleased with the Rugby results and the League.

My Kangaroo paws are doing well this year too. Probably like more water than I had been giving them. We too have had lots of rain earlier. I saw a Tui licking nectar out of one - never seen them on those plants before.


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