Friday, November 28, 2008

Many thanx

thanks to you all for all the lovely emails - I used to think 40 years of marriage meant you were really old but now I know much better. All the ruby suggestions - well I reckon one of my several pairs of red shoes look pretty ruby and Ian thinks a good red wine similar.

We have been flat out getting all the orders including all of the quilting arts out and now we have a couple of hours to pack our bags and sort ourselves out before we head off on our latest adventure.

I thought I would share a beautiful jacaranda with you - not ours as ours is refusing to flower much on our side of the fence - it only flowers in the laneway next door.

Don't forget to call in and see my pics while we are away and happy birthday to Raylene whose birthday we never forget 'cos it's the same day as our wedding anni.


Sandy said...

40 years is a wonderful milestone. Here's to 40 more.

Heather said...

Congratulations on your Ruby Wedding anniversary and hope you have a wonderful trip. Thanks for the photo of that beautiful tree - what a lovely sight to greet you every morning.

Penny said...

tried to say Happy 40th wedding anniversary but my computer, or rather getting around on 3g has been very hit and miss lately, but yes have a great time and the jacaranda's here were magnificent this year too.
Our 50th in early Feb, cant just cant believe that!!
Hope you are having a great lunch and a lovely day today.


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