Sunday, November 23, 2008

rugby but of a different sort

Very exciting tonight - NZ won the Rugby League world cup beating Australia - entirely unexpected and unheard of. For those who have no idea of what I am talking about - this is not the rugby we follow - that is union but this game I have only watched about 3 or 4 games and I fully expected a loss as usual but amazingly NZ won. There will be some sore heads in the morning.

My fabric in the garden - I will be leaving it there for quite some time as I haven't time to play with it right now but it has been raining here today and I really thought the Moonshadow Mists might wash out but they have stayed put on my fabric so that is very good to know. I have moved it about a bit on the tree as I want it to be exposed to everything.

What I did do along with a few other things was to play with some of the Twiddley Bitz -- I want to know how different paints etc work - these are using the Opulent inks and a touch of Treasure Gold. The background is Glad Bake. They have come up very well.

Ian went up to the shoe repair man today to get some batteries and I got him to pick up a pair of shoes which had been there for ages being mended. I had forgotten which pair they were and lo and behold they were another red pair - hardly worn. I am getting a name for red shoes.....

I sent out the info for Maggie Grey's workshop - because there have been so many people respond Maggie has agreed to do a second workshop so email me if you are interested - Tuesday and Wed 4th and 5th August. We are so lucky to have Maggie come to visit us in this neck of the woods.....

I have also been invited to teach a couple of half day workshops at the Textile Art Festival in Brisbane end of May - very exciting - both will be on the Ratty Tatty Papers theme.


Robin Mac said...

Can we book ahead for the Brisbane workshops you are giving?
I am very curious to know why I an was going to a shoe repair man to buy batteries - not the place i would have thought of trying!!! cheers, Robin

MargaretR said...

I love that piece Dale!


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