Sunday, November 02, 2008

playing time

Do you remember this piece? Well it is finished and coated with acrylic wax now.

This is the wooden block I used for rubbings and various castings - I have lightened everything off so there is a predominance of reddy copper.

Here is another piece before twin needling etc with a cast of the block sitting on top - no hand stitching yet

Below are 3 other castings I have done. Want to know how I did these? You will have to wait until it is time for Ratty Tatty Papers.....
But suffice to say if you have an interesting block or surface or stamp, you can do all sorts of things with it.

this one below is relatively ethereal and the bottom one I really like - they are all waiting to be stitched into surfaces.

Back to my paper napkin little book.


Judy said...


I like the way you play, I think about doing so but have trouble unbuttong enough to let things just happen; of your 3 castings i like the ethereal one the best look forwad llater to see what backing you put them on.

maggi said...

Lovely experiments Dale. I finally found the way to embellish the paper napkins


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