Thursday, November 20, 2008

the outdoor fabric

okay - I have stitched all over the fabric to announce that it is going to be tied to the Mulberry Tree and then I have done that - tied it to the mulberry tree. As you can see, the mulberry tree is a very old one, with ivy working its way up. it has heaps of mulberries - we let the Lorikeets (used to be 28s before the imports from the east displaced them) eat the berries at the top of the tree and we have the ones at the bottom. They should be ready in January - there are lots of tiny berries just starting to appear.

it rained overnight but the fabric was still indoors so hopefully it might rain again. I am after some destruction here.


Julie said...

I wonder if the berries will dye the fabric?

artisbliss said...

I was wondering the same thing as Julie--actually whether the berries will have gone through the birds first. I have lived with a mulberry tree/bush in my life, so I know that's a possibility! Looks like a fun experiment.

Judy said...


What a huge tree, we have had lovely rain all day here in Tas! How long are you leaving the fabric there?


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