Monday, November 17, 2008

AWOL once again

Thanks to all the people who have emailed checking to see if we are okay. I have been AWOL but in Melbourne - we went to a trade show over the weekend to display our wares. We were really pleased with the response - especially to the Shiva stiks. I have been playing with them since Ruth Issett introduced me to them and waving them at people in Australia since around 1995 so it is pretty exciting to be able to wholesale and retail them. I had a piece of very pale cream fabric with me - I don't buy a lot of fabric but I had bought a pack (as you do) which I thought would fit my rust theme but I felt it very necessary to do something about the cream and a number of people commented on my having a piece of cream fabric as it certainly didn't look me. However I spent my time doing Shiva rubbings on it so it has improved already - just need to spray some walnut ink or similar to get it ready for playing with.

We love going to Melbourne - it really is our favourite Australian city - as country bumpkins we have grown into city rats and stay right near Flinders Street station. The first night we ate in Degraves Lane - love the way Melbourne has such super lane usage - Perth take note or even interest. First morning before we set up we went shopping and no - not me - but Ian bought new shoes. It's contagious in this house.

Then on Saturday night we went to a fabulous restaurant which we would recommend to anyone - Lau's Family Kitchen in Ackland Street - the food was wonderful, the atmosphere great, the staff super and Gilbery Lau even had a chat when we were leaving. The table at the back of the pic is the very one we sat in!

and this was the green veg we had - the best treat was the NZ whitebait omelette - eat your heart out the Hokitika fish and chip shop where we last had NZ whitebait.....

I bought back some absolutely wonderful button flowers made from old kimonos set in resin - as soon as we are back in front again Ian will be popping them on the web - I got really excited when I saw them and bought heaps. There are different sizes and I plan to use some on my flower journal.

On Sunday we got up at 4am to watch the ABs play Ireland and see it was a good weekend - the Wallabies beat England and NZ beat England in the rugby league.


Aussie Jo said...

Sounds like you had a fun time in Melbourne. It is a great city to visit, lots to see and do. Sounds like you went to Kimono House??

Penny said...

love Melbourne, you would think with a son and his family there we would get there more often, but somehow we dont. I will try to remember the names of places to eat.

Tannia said...

Degraves lane is fantastic AND if you're back there again soon - try going down under the Flinders St station in Degraves arcade - there are some fabulous little shops under there!!!

Melbourne really is a joy to live in. There is so much to do and see and so much creativity!


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