Wednesday, November 19, 2008

further to the fabric

Never look a supposedly cream fabric as a boring item. This fabric when I sprayed it with Moonshadow mists and then Walnut Ink has come up with some interest - the back has quite a distinct pattern which appears almost as a resist - above is the back and below the front.

Still deciding whether to stitch it first or just pop it out in the garden to see how it goes. Julie is going to be doing something too but the difference between the UK and OZ at present will be interesting. I shall see how the summery elements affect it.

Last night we went to HesperionXXI - a very interesting concert which we enjoyed but I feel a concert hall is not really the right place - I can't imagine that the wandering minstrels in the 14th century played to a subdued audience sitting out there in the dark, some busting to clap at the wrong time. I think a banquet setting would be better.


Julie said...

What a fscinating pattern on the reverse of your fabric Dale! I have put 3 pieces of fabric and one stretched canvas out into the garden today for the weather to do its worst. I've put photos up on my blog. I have quite a few textured fabrics in my stash so I may prepare a couple more as you have and put those out too. You have set my imagination working and I'm now thinking "Shall I hang some up as opposed to anchor them down?" Lots of possibilities! Thank you for getting me going :o)

Genie said...

Lovely fabric experiments

Judy said...


Now stitching would be fscinating, but out in the elements have a wonderful unpredictablity to it.


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