Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday musings

The Kangaroo Paws are lovely this year - we have had plenty of rain and in our garden I pruned off all the dead ones and as a reward they are all out in flower. Hard to get growing - I have lost a few over the years - but once they start to flourish they do well. Our visiting birds love them. These ones are in our back garden.

Sunday has been rugby day - we got up early to watch the Wallabies win against France - thought they were going to lose and then this afternoon we watched the All Blacks beat Wales.
At Perth Oval several doors down we have a Billy Joel concert rehearsing all afternoon and about to start. Don't mind Billy Joel but we are going to sneak off to Spaghis instead and no doubt when we return there will be no car parks. On Friday night we went to hear Teddy Tahu Rhodes and Sara McIver singing with the WASO - they were brilliant - not sure about the orchestra though. Maybe we have just been so spoilt. They performed Faure's Requiem. What really bugs me about concerts is the coughing (okay not their fault) but especially the lollies - I don't mind people eating them but if only they would take them out of the noisy wrappers before they leave home..... and to make it worse they think it will be better if they open the wrappers very slowly - it's a bit like removing a sticky plaster - the faster the better in the long run. Off the soap box.


Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

I love the photo of your kangaroo paw,(happy memories of our trip downunder). We are trying to grow 3 plants in pots in our garden. We brought them in for the winter, but only 1 is looking o.k.I

Heather said...

The kangaroo paw flowers look like giant honeysuckle - love the photo. Congrats to the All Blacks but don't tell my husband I said that!!! I agree about noisy people in the audience at films and concerts - I think they believe they are sitting at home in front of the TV. Either that or they are just rude and ignorant.

Judy said...


What beautiful Kangaroo Paws can you believe we have some of the hardier ones growing here in Tas. we give them lots of sun and protection from south winds.

Marjorie Dawson said...

I loved seeing these when we visit Australia, they look quite wonderful and I loved the colours too, being a bright colour person.

anne bebbington said...

There's been a lot of discussion in the media over here about the Welsh reaction to the AB's Haka at the Millenium Stadium last weekend - what's the general opinion over there among the fans - now waiting to see what happens at Twickenham next weekend


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