Saturday, November 04, 2006


That horrible painter is still haunting me. He left paint and varnish all over the windows - looks like big hand prints. Taken me hours to clean most of it off with turps. Soon be able to see in and out without the smeary extras. I have also managed to explore further with the embellisher though with some great muted results. It has continuing possibilities for exploration. We have spent a lot of time sitting and standing around saying how nice the decking is and how lovely the whole surrounds are. That's before we start digging and moving the rubble and bringing in the decent soil. Tonight we had a bbq on the decking while the rain poured down all around.

Now we are off to the Northbridge to see who who wins the rugby - the Wallabies or Wales......

1 comment:

Digitalgran said...

Now I know that result for a change Dale. It was a draw!


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