Thursday, November 16, 2006

Jerry, the ABs and embellisher bowls

Today we are off to Melbourne for the Australian Quilt Market which is a trade show. Absolutely no idea how it will go but we have printed info and sent small amount of all of our stuff. We haven't done a trade show before it will be interesting. Anything for a weekend in Melbourne..... Last night we had a nice bbq with Grant, Bruce and Kazuko and even got them to move some of the bricks for us - not all, note.

The All Blacks selection for the game in Paris has caused a few upsets but I like Ma'a Nonu so I am quite happy. I found this wonderful pic of Jerry Collins in Paris - apparently he wasn't too keen on wearing the pink t-shirt they all got.

More to the point for us textiley lot, this is first attempt at some 3D using the embellisher - like making a coiled bowl but no thread, Mum. It is felted on the outside and stays like the cord on the inside - the bottom one was using a machine wrapped cord I had made previously (like the prepared food dish under the table). Worth exploring.

Back on Monday


Carol said...

Love the bowls Dale, one of the few things I have seen so far, that could tempt me to an Embellisher

pam annesley said...

What a coincidence that I would be making a coiled bowl this week as well. Yours are so colourful and look so soft.
Pam 'beads'n threads'blog


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