Sunday, November 26, 2006

Our front door

The beautiful stain glass from our front door has gone off to the stain glass hospital for necessary surgery. In its place is plain glass which is quite disconcerting as you can see right through to the back door and and it gives us a fright each time we go near it - all exposed....
Ian is very busy sanding and sikkening the door in preparation for the return of the glass - he is going to put some of that nonreflective stuff on it in the meantime. You can imagine how much heat it is letting in especially with the temperature at 30 yesterday and 32 today.

I have been embellishing on kunin felt and burning and writing and winding silk thread.

Quilting Arts 24 didn't arrive on Friday as we hoped but it can't be far away. I believe I have some work in it.


Helen from Canberra said...

Hello Dale,

Iwould just love to see a photo of your stained glass door when it is back in its rightful place taken from the inside looking out.

The weather in the ACT is also very hot, about 10 days ago there was snow on the surrounding mountain peaks and 4 days later it was 32o and has kept well in the thirties since then.

Cheers Helen

Caitlin said...

So what happened to the door glass that it needed surgery??


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