Monday, November 13, 2006


I bought back a couple of DVDs featuring Jean Littlejohn and Jan Beaney from London. They are expensive and I wasn't sure what they would be like so I only bought a few for starters. I did sort of look at Ally Pally but it's not easy when you are quick roaming and then chatting at the same time. I don't watch DVDs really because I have a sort-of mind set about watching the tellie during the day and at night I figure Ian wouldn't really want to watch a textile DVD..... The other night he was out and I thought I might watch but of course I didn't know how to operate the DVD player.

Today he pointed out to me that the cd player on my computer is also a dvd player (duh...) so excitedly I popped one in. Then I had to purchase some software in order to use it but it was worth the effort. I watched part of Jean's DVD and it is excellent - shall watch some more at night on my 'puter when the 'old' man is snoring away. (I have been severly reprimanded and have had to change the 'old' part - note not the snoring part.) I expect that Jan's will be excellent too. Then I will have to watch the 2 Tim Holtz dvds I have stacked on the pile and Sarah Lawrence's Simply Fused. No time to read for a while.

Still lugging stuff to the studio - down to folders and files now and for the first time in some years the pile of books and stuff by my side of the bed has gone. Won't mention the dust I found.


Karoda said...

At some point, will you cover the topics that are covered in these dvds? Are they workshops, lectures,????

Digitalgran said...

Hi Dale. I hope they have inspired you to bring out your own DVD's?

Leanne Hurren said...

Yes I would like to know what topics are covered. I have heard that the Jean Draper one is very good.

Downunderdale said...

Give me a break, Mags - I am concentrating on this book first.... Anyway - noone would want to see me.

Joanna said...

Are you offering the DVD's on your website?

They look really inspirational


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