Thursday, November 09, 2006

flowers and stuff

I seem to be in a flower zone and have been making little bits and pieces with a flower or two here and there. Still exploring the embellisher and I have organised to borrow an XPression and a Bernina attachment to see how they work. This one is Flowers and Stuff playing with layers on commercial felt. I have done some free stitching just in case my sewing machine gets cross with me. I have started combining the two as I see this machine as another wonderful piece of equipment.

This one is a little concertina book still on the Kimberley Dreaming theme - I am pleased that some of the places I have been to this year keep cropping up. Ian thinks it is a pretty silly book as it doesn't have words but we havehadthis discussion before. Still having fun with my punches and have finally hunted down the source of the fleur de lys punches so hope to have a few next week.

We are going to a trade show in Melbourne next week and have been busy getting organised for it - the biggest decision is how much to take as we have no idea and you can bet that whatever we take will be wrong. However we are looking forward to a weekend in Melbourne which we always enjoy. We have decided that we need to be a little more active in our wholesale side of things. Romeo, for instance, is such a wonderful product and I think everyone should be using it!

Funny weather in Perth - very humid which I hate so I have been feeling drowsy all day - now it is raining - wonderful. Ian has gone to listen to Phillip Adams but I am afraid that reading him inthe paper is more than enough for me.

Spam - we are getting so much drively at the moment - excerpts from books etc - I just cannot imagine what the reason behind it all is. Even though we have mailwasher which is a great programme I still get tired of having to flick all this absolute rubbish.


Leanne Hurren said...

Love the kimberley dreaming book - especially the colours! I have finally managed to track down a little tag punch - just need time to play now!

Maureen said...

Give me MORE of Kimberly Dreaming!
(I was born in Broome)
and Dale,if you want to come over Briz way,I'll let you play with my Xpression (VBG)


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