Wednesday, November 29, 2006

interesting neighbours

We have a small warehouse just down the road and we have the most eclectic neighbours in a block of 4. Christian Youth is next door to us, a stripper shop is along the way and on our other side there have been various different tenants who come and go - they spend a fortune on telephone lines (the connection is in our warehouse so that's how I know) and then they move on. The lastest people run a nightclub bouncing business (I am sure they describe themselves in a much more salubrious manner) and their various phone lines were quite involved. However they have now gone as the guy running it lost his licence - not suitable or something. Wonder who will come next? We just have stuff piled high and I run in and out collecting and dropping off.

Should have said that Waiheke Island is off Auckland - 45 minute ferry trip - I have packed my 'puter so should return with a newsletter ready to send out and a book moving along. I am also taking all my usual paraphenalia. This is another pic I found.

Very wet last night - lovely - we surely need it.

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